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Are you looking to get rid of an old, unused, or derelict vehicle taking up space on your property? As leading car wreckers and auto salvors, we specialize in the prompt and efficient removal and disposal of all types of vehicles across popular regions nationwide.

With over 20 years of experience and operations in all major cities and towns, our team of experts offers free car removal services and even provides a cash quote for your scrap car. Read on to learn more about how our car wreckers can help dispose of your unwanted vehicle while benefiting the environment.

Reasons to Arrange Car Removal

There are many good reasons why vehicle owners like yourself choose to contact a professional car wrecking company to take away old or unused vehicles. Common reasons for car removal include:

  • No longer drive the vehicle – if it is just sitting idle and deteriorating on your property
  • Costly to repair or restore – if it has major mechanical issues or body damage
  • Taking up excess space in your yard or driveway that could be utilized better
  • Unable to register or warrant the vehicle due to failed inspections
  • Want to earn cash for the old car instead of junking it for free
  • Environmentally responsible disposal is preferred to abandonment

Whatever your reasons may be for wanting your obsolete car picked up and hauled away, our car wreckers provide this service efficiently.

Car Removal vs Selling Your Vehicle

Some owners wonder whether it is better to sell or scrap their used car. There are advantages to utilizing professional car wreckers over trying to sell privately or trade-in to a dealership. Consider these key differences:

Selling Privately

  • Time consuming to advertise and arrange viewings
  • Safety risks having strangers test drive your car
  • No guarantee of securing a buyer
  • Low offers and time wasters are common
  • Still need to handle registration cancellation

Car Wreckers

  • Fast and convenient car removal nationwide
  • Safe handling of vehicle without test drives
  • Guaranteed quote for unwanted vehicles
  • Payment provided upfront in cash or direct deposit
  • Full deregistration paperwork handled for you

In most cases, our car removal service will be faster, easier, and more profitable than attempting to sell your worn-out or damaged car. Receive free towing plus a cash payout by calling 0800 997 000 today!

Car Removal Services Offered

As full-service auto salvors and car wreckers, our capabilities extend well beyond simply towing vehicles away. The range of services provided by our experienced car removal teams includes:

  • Free nationwide car removals – for all vehicle types and conditions
  • Quick and simple booking process – phone or online bookings accepted
  • Cash payouts – top rates paid for scrap vehicles upon collection
  • Certified green car disposal – environmentally sound end-of-life processes
  • EPA/Council approved facility – full hazardous materials handling
  • Deregistration services – cancel your car’s registration for you
  • Certificate of Destruction – issued for insurance write-offs

Whether your car is still drivable or needs to be towed, our car wreckers provide full end-to-end service. Receive money for your scrap car while avoiding the hassle of private sale or keeping it sitting on your land any longer.

Sell Your Vehicle to Breakers

Cost of Car Removal

A question we often receive is “How much do you pay for unwanted vehicles?” As professional auto wreckers and dismantlers, we provide free car removal along with a cash payout in most cases. Quotes vary based upon:

  • Vehicle make, model, and age
  • Overall condition of the body and engine/mechanical components
  • Tonnage – larger vehicles typically attract higher scrap prices
  • Market rates at the time for scrap steel and spare parts

To find out how much your scrap car is worth, please call our car wrecking team on 0800 997 000 for an obligation-free quote. We buy all types of vehicles including cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks, and machinery.

Environmental Benefits

Rather than abandoning a derelict vehicle or paying council fees for disposal, utilizing our car wreckers provides environmental benefits. As accredited auto dismantlers and recyclers, we maximize the reuse of functioning spare parts.

What remains gets recycled responsibly with focus areas including:

  • Scrap steel – recycled via metal shredders and mills
  • Liquids – oils, fuels, coolants, and other fluids removed safely
  • Hazardous materials – batteries, airbags, lights, etc disposed per regulations
  • Tyres – recycled into products like rubber speed humps and playground matting
  • Other parts – bumpers, glass, interior trim items are extracted for recycling

Choose our car removal services for peace of mind knowing your outdated vehicle will be sustainably dismantled and recycled.

Choosing a Car Wrecker

If you have decided the best next step for your aging car is using a wrecking service, choosing the right auto dismantler is important. Here is what to look for when comparing car wreckers:

Licensing & Approvals

  • EPA licensed facility – authorized to handle hazardous automotive waste
  • Council approved – wrecking and recycling systems inspected
  • Industry programs – membership in standard setting organizations like CarSafe

Reviews & Reputation

  • Positive reviews – high overall ratings after decades in business
  • Satisfied customers – rave reviews praising professionalism and pricing
  • Family owned – local team you can trust looking after your neighborhood

Services Offered

  • Free removals – with cash payouts for your scrap vehicles
  • Quick turnarounds – car collected within 24-48 hours typically
  • Paperwork handled – licensing and compliance fully managed
  • Nationwide reach – ability to efficiently remove cars throughout the country

Based upon these criteria, our auto dismantling business excels in all areas which is why clients continue to utilize and recommend our car wreckers time and time again.

Safety First

For the safety of our car removal crew and the general public, please note the following policies:

  • Keys and paperwork must be provided on arrival as required
  • No loose items left inside vehicles during transport
  • Towing only occurs during safety business hours
  • Hazards should be disclosed upfront before dismantling

Please call us on 0800 997 000 if you have any safety related queries or special requirements for your upcoming car removal.

Junk Car Removal

Nationwide Car Wrecking Service

With multiple depots and salvage yards across popular regions, our car wreckers efficiently collect unwanted vehicles from customers nationwide. We proudly offer car removal and cash for scrap vehicles in these areas plus surrounding locales:

North Island Wrecking Depots

  • Auckland – Greater Auckland/Northland regions
  • Waikato – Hamilton plus nearby towns
  • Bay of Plenty – Tauranga, Rotorua, Whakatane districts
  • Gisborne – City and eastwards

South Island Wrecking Yards

  • Nelson – Nelson/Tasman plus West Coast
  • Christchurch– Christchurch, Timaru, Ashburton
  • Dunedin – Dunedin, Queenstown, Invercargill

So whether you are located rurally or in a major city across New Zealand, our car wreckers have your area covered for prompt scrap car removal and recycling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Here are answers to some of the most common queries we receive about our cash for car removal services:

No. We provide free towing and removal with no obligations or hidden fees. All costs are disclosed upfront and quoted clearly.

Absolutely! We frequently remove entire fleets of cars, trucks, forklifts and other vehicles for asset owners. No job is too big or complex.

Provided you supply correct paperwork, it does not need to be in your name. Just confirm you are authorized if coordinating removal for a family member or client.

We service all locations across New Zealand from Whangarei to Invercargill and everywhere in between. If it has a road, we can get there!

For quick, safe and affordable car removal services nationwide, call our team of recycling experts on 0800 997 000 or use our online booking form. We provide free removals along with cash payments for all types of vehicles.

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